The mission of this group shall be to promote cycling activities in all forms as part of a healthy lifestyle. This mission shall be accomplished by conducting rides and other cycling related events while providing social opportunities for members, promoting safety, supporting local, state, and national organizations by advocating increased support among the general public, government agencies, and elected officials.


We are more than biking as we BELIEVE that the trails are built for all users.
From the onset, we have been extremely active in the community by volunteering at the events hosted by others or creating our own. All with the belief that with a little effort we can make a difference for the benefit of everyone and advancing cycling awareness, throughout Dekalb County.
For this reason, we love members who enjoy volunteering! We understand giving up some of your valuable free time is a sacrifice, but the world is what you make it and only sitting, watching it go by, not trying to make it a better place, is a choice you'll need to make. It's up to us; It's up to you.

Event’s S.A.C. has taken part in or made our own.
Our first invitation of the year came from Kelly Meyer, of school district 427 and the event would take place at Sycamore high school. The event was called the Sycamore Health & Wellness Fair. The participation of local health and charity organizations was pretty impressive.

S.A.C. has been fortunate to have participated in the Tour De Farm’s event to help fight MS. Volunteering at this event was an exciting experience for us. By setting up the venue and receiving those supplies, that teaches you a lot about yourself and those around you.
To our surprise, many of the volunteers have been running that station for quite some years and had Multiple Sclerosis themselves, so it was great to offer some help and support them.
Another fantastic event was also a historical occasion for DeKalb County. The 2016 Walk, A Thon in September, was hosted by North Elementary and has us thinking out of the box. Because we received the incredible opportunity to create a unique curriculum that would teach all the children of North Elementary the finer points of bike safety in groups of thirty for ten-minute sessions. It’s called “Cycling Safety N-TEN.”
The first time bike safety would be taught in a classroom during regular school hours in the county, and it was fantastic. The children were eager to learn and asked a lot of questions.
Of course, we took part in all of the Dekalb, cycling events. Rain or shine we road in the Biking With Beanzie, Ride like an Egyptian & The Night Bison. In addition, we completed the Trek 100 ride for Cancer, The Sycamore Cinco De Mayo event, and others.



We have also, had the wonderful experience of making the acquaintance and or working with the following community leaders and organizations who have made a significant impact in our County for the benefit of all its citizens.
They have earned our utmost admiration.


Ken Mundy (EX Mayor)
Brian Gregory ( City Manager )
Rick Kremer ( 4th ward alderperson) 

Sycamore Police Department 

Steven Cook (Commander)
Ryan Goodman (Detective)

Sycamore Park District 

Ted Strack ( Park District Board President )
Daniel Gibble (Executive Director, CPRP & MBA)
Sarah Rex (Recreation Supervisor/Marketing)
Jeff Donahoe (Superintendent of Parks & Facilities, GCSAA)

Dekalb County

Andy Sullivan (Chief Deputy County Sheriff Department) 
Terry Hannan ( Dekalb County Forest Preserve/ Superintendent)  
Jessica Hyink (DSATS, Transportation Planner)
Lisa Cumings ( Community Health Liaison DeKalb County ) 
The Active Transportation Alliance Of Dekalb County

Dekalb Park District

Dag Grada ( Dekalb Park District, Board Commissioner )
Amy Doll ( Dekalb Park District, Executive Director )


Lisseth Cuevas, MBA (Bilingual Community Education Specialist, Community Wellness)
In January
The Walk for Wellness Fair; Kelly Meyer of North Elementary, The District 427 School Board, Rod Griffis of Blue Moon Bikes, The Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, Jane Calhoun, Charlie Sharp, and Nancy Todd.
In February
Bikes VS Cars Movie Event; Daryl Hopper, and Family of the State Street Theater, Rod Griffis of Blue Moon Bikes and Mary Beth Henning. 
In May
TAXCOs 19th annual Sycamore Cinco de Mayo Festival; Jesus Romero, and Family of Taxco Mexican Restaurant, The Sycamore Chamber of Commerce and Mary Beth Henning, and Jane Calhoun
In June
Tour De Farm’s; Mary Beth Henning, Marty Paul, Lynn, and Dakota.  
In September
2016 Walk A Thon; Kelly Meyer, and the District 427 School Board, Michael & Justeen Paul of North Central Cyclery.
In October
Historical Home Walk; Every year the Sycamore History Museum host a historical home walk as part of their annual fundraiser. The event highlights local buildings and homes of significant historical value within the town. Sycamore History Museum, The Grimson's, Ron and Mary Beth.

Nancy Todd (S.A.C. Newsletter Editor), Melissa Ray (S.A.C. Ride Leader) and everyone who came out to ride and support our events.