Cycling has always been a favorite pastime in the area since the late 1800's. With new "modern" designs like the 1868 Velocipede or the better known 1890 big wheel bicycle, aka the "Ordinary," cycling thrived.
1894 bike races held on the NIU fairgrounds and in Electric Park in 1910 were significant events and drew big crowds. The friendly rivalry between Sycamore and Dekalb was famous throughout the county. 
By the late 1930's, with the demise of Electric Park Corners, cycling became more of a recreational pastime in the area. Now, as most of us know, the biggest town event of the year is the pumpkin festival, and that was started by a cyclist (Wally Thurow) back in the sixties with the Sycamore Lions Club. 
Mr Thurow was an avid cyclist who worked for three cycling manufacturers over the years as a regional factory rep before retiring from Giant bicycles. He also owned and managed a bike shop called Wally's Cyclery in Dekalb.