On this page, you will find information on future or existing trail projects within our community. You can easily see there are a lot of exciting projects in the works that will benefit all trail users. This page will be updated when new information becomes available. Stay Tuned. 



The New Sycamore forest

The 60-acre Sycamore Forest Preserve, 955 E. State St., Sycamore, could open this year if weather allows workers to patch and widen roads in the former Evergreen Village Mobile Home Park. The improvements are needed for parking lots, picnic shelters and a trailhead for the Great Western Trail.

Most of the county’s forest preserves are in rural areas, but this one will be located on Route 64 not far from downtown Sycamore.

The Sycamore Forest Preserve will include hiking and cross-country ski trails, a fishing pond, picnic areas and two open-air shelters along with 30 acres of flood-plain prairie planted in 2015, DeKalb County Forest Preserve Superintendent Terry Hannan said.

The Sycamore Forest Preserve will become the trailhead of the Great Western Trail, which runs along the abandoned Chicago Great Western Railway corridor from Sycamore to St. Charles.

Earlier this month, the DeKalb County Forest Preserve District commissioners awarded a $316,300 bid to Curran Contracting Co. for land improvements at the site, which will include widening roads and building parking lots, Hannan said. Crews have been at the preserve in recent days working on the site.

An anonymous donation of $100,000 will be used to help with the cost of land improvement, County Administrator Gary Hanson said.

The preserve could be opened to the public later this year, depending on how quickly construction proceeds, which depends on the weather, Pietrowski said.

Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy said he has been keeping close tabs on the project since it started. He praised the work that DeKalb County officials have done with the site so far and said he’s eager to see it open to the public.

Source; Daily Chronicle.


New Trail along Airport Road.

The Sycamore City Council approved a license agreement Monday with the Sycamore Park District to allow the installation of a bicyclist and pedestrian pathway along the west side of Airport Road.

The council voted unanimously to go forward with the project to connect Airport Road from Route 64 to the main entrance of Sycamore Park District’s Sports Complex. Council member Becky Springer was absent.

The Sycamore Park District owns most of the property where the off-road pathway is planned for construction, according to the resolution for the agreement.

With the agreement in place, the city can build the pathway on park district property, and the park district will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the pathway after its completion.

City Manager Brian Gregory said the city would pay for 20 percent of the project, about $20,000, while the DeKalb-Sycamore Area Transportation Study will pay the remaining 80 percent.

Gregory said Sycamore’s city engineer would be working to place additional paint markings and signs on the road near the new bike path to warn motorists.

Mayor Ken Mundy said getting bicyclists off Airport Road will alleviate some of the danger from their usual path.

“From a safety standpoint, this makes a lot of sense,” Mundy said. “As the park develops projects across Airport Road, there’s only going to be more traffic on that road.”

Gregory said the park district has plans to add more sports fields to the existing complex, meaning traffic along Airport Road is likely to increase.



New Trail Phase One.

Sycamore Park District received word that its grant application to IDOT’s Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program was approved in entirety at $632,600.

This grant will fund the engineering and construction of ACTION 2020’s Phase I trails project to connect Route 23 near the Sycamore Middle School to the Brickville Road parking area that accesses trails to Leon Larson and Sycamore Lake Parks. The total cost of the project is $790,750 which includes a local 20% ($158,150) match provided by the District.

Funding for this state program is provided by the federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) which focuses on establishing alternate transportation routes in communities throughout the country.

This 1-mile asphalt trail segment will add a safe walking/biking corridor to the middle school as well as an integral piece of a larger county-wide plan to connect the Great Western Trail trailhead to Peace Road. Specifically, the project includes replacing and widening the existing ½ mile stretch of sidewalk along Route 23 from the bridge at the Kishwaukee River northward to Maplewood Drive and installing a new ½ mile trail from Route 23 westward to Brickville Road.

Spring 2018

Source; Sycamore Park District.


Peace Road Trail Connection 

This new connection joining two parts of the peace road trail is located just east of Peace Rd and about 400' north of Prairie dr. 

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New Trail Phase Two

Ted Strack said the board likely would apply for two grants to fund the second phase of trail construction, which is planned to connect the Great Western Trail to Old Mill Park.

“The second phase will be quite a bit more expensive,” he said. “It could be divided into two parts. The tails path has yet to be determined.

Spring 2020 

More Information Sycamore Park District Vision 20/20 plan