The Wayfinder Initiative


The idea is simple and can be used by all trail users, city explorers, and back road riders. Utilizing turn by turn navigation on your cell phone or printable cue sheets, you will have the ability to safely tour the roads, paths or local area at your pace and leisurewith 7 to 65-miles of cycling routes for you to enjoy. 

The official program we utilize for GPS navigation is RIDE WITH GPS.  This is a free program and the app for your cell phone can be downloaded at google play.

We recommend for your safety the use of a helmet, daytime running lights and common sense every time you ride. You are the one responsible for your personal safety. If you're unsure of the rules of the road, please, click on the safety tab above to watch a video or take a safety quiz then enjoy the ride! 

On your Smartphone , Click on the image to the view route. On your Desktop, click on the  link to print CUE sheet.


NorthSide Sycamore Park Tour

You will start at the Sycamore Middle School and travel along lightly driven roads and explore three paths and five parks on this 6.8 mile route. This route is great for casual cycling.


20 Miles Rock N Roads

Starting from the parking lot across from Shawn's you will bike your way to the Great Western Trail and then hit some farm roads. A lot of these roads are not paved.


57.6 Road Ride

This ride will take from Sycamore to some of our local farm roads and more. Once you past route 47, you will start getting into the steep section of this course. The route will have normal traffic flow at some points, but only for a short period.


Sycamore to NIU

This ride takes you from downtown Sycamore to NIU  in Dekalb via Dekalb-Sycamore bike path. On this ride you will travel through Hopkins park and near the NIU campus. This is a 16 mile route there and back. Most of the ride will be on paved bike paths, but it will include some roads.


32 Mile Road Ride

Starting for the parking lot across from Shawn's in downtown Sycamore. You will ride north and then east of the city on lightly traveled back roads.