Sycamore Area  Cycling


"Through our love of cycling, together we can support our area and enrich its citizens with an active & healthy lifestyle.

Sycamore rated as coolest small town in America 


About Us

We aren't racers or long distance riders. We bike casually, preferring to take in the scenery while talking, and stopping for a photo or two. We teach safe cycling habits by leading, by example. We follow the rules of the road and advocate the use of helmets along with bike lights.

When it comes to cycling groups and advocacy, this is where S.A.C. disembarks from tradition. To be an advocate; one does not need to be a cyclist. If you're a runner, dog walker or mother with a stroller and frequent the local trails or parks and see a need; you, too, can be an advocate.

An advocate can be anyone that feels passionate enough about a subject, to dedicate some of their spare time in a group atmosphere, going about pinpointing areas where improvements should be made within the community while possessing the drive to see those ideas come to fruition. If you have those qualities, the community needs you.

To learn more about the ways you can to participate, please contact Frederick, through Meetup, Facebook or within this website, via email or the cell number located below.

Our Subject of focus: Trail Expansion or Use, Community Safety, and Areas of Education.



By clicking on the images below you will be able to learn more about cycling in our town. The many ways cycling is good for your health and the benefits of riding with a group of friends.



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